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increase your team's happiness and productivity.

"Give them the tools they need to succeed."

-Chris Novoa, Founder of WISP LLC

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Do You Lead A Team?

Do you want to see the people on your team live, work, and feel better?

Do you want to increase morale and efficiency?

Coach Chris Novoa will show your team the way to success.

A happy team is a productive team, and it all starts with the individuals.

By showing individuals how to lead more fulfilling lives at home and at work, and by cultivating a culture of wellness and discipline, Chris can show your team how to level-up on a personal and professional level.



“I instill shared values and teach proven methods to equip teams with a positive mindset.

My mission is to change lives and boost organizational culture by showing people how to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

I strive to provide lifestyle coaching for a life lived well.

-Chris Novoa, Founder of WISP LLC


How it Works

By teaching your team concepts and habits that allow them to enjoy greater peace, freedom, and meaning in their lives, Chris will show them how to work hard and have fun doing it!

It’s simple.  Invite Chris to speak to your team.  Then, watch as they grow to be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Lives Changed

Months Invested


Cathy D.

“I have been working with Chis for 10 weeks so far and he has taught me so much in the short time we have been working together. I have learned more about my eating habits and ways to refocus my attention back to my goals. I have learned how to talk to myself in a way that is productive. I am a work in progress, without Chris I wouldn’t have come as far as I have and I plan on getting all the way to the end of this weight loss journey with his help. Chris is very knowledgeable and shares his journey which I find extremely helpful and not alone. Chris is kind and not judgmental. I highly recommend give wisp a try, I have tried almost every plan out there and but there is something different when you get the one on one help.”

Elsie P.

“Chris has been such an inspiration and an amazing coach. The books and programs he suggests and/or offers are spot on and very helpful. I am always on the lookout and gladly enroll in any courses or classes offered by this fine man. He has changed my outlook on exercising and living with the illness/anxieties that I have and has shown me that the sky’s the limit no matter! Bottom line, if Chris Novoa is offering a course, sign up for it.”


“My personal goal was to lose some winter weight I had gained. Chris immediately responded to my inquiry and listened to my goals and was able to provide me with different ways/choices to reach my goal. He provided a lot of useful information during my journey and promptly answered any questions that came up. He provided face to face meetings as well as zoom, email and texts. Very supportive and encouraging!”


“Chris did such a fantastic job leading this challenge. He is super knowledge and has hands on experience in the information he is sharing and relaying. He dives into the details and explain why he’s teaching what he is and why it works, not just tells you what to do with the expectation of following with blind faith. He truly has done the research and put LOADS of work into this program! I can’t recommend him enough!”