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Meet the founder of WISP


Chris Novoa

Hanging at the bar then vs. Hanging at the bar now.

Back in February 2011: I had just spent the last 4+ years burning through a $180,000 inheritance. Yep, $180K.

I didn’t know the path to who I wanted to be. But I was going in the wrong direction.

Things got worse before they got better too. My siblings and I lost our mother after years of sickness. I destroyed my credit by going into collectiond over a $700 credit card bill I couldn’t pay.

I was too busy drowning my sorrows in cigarettes, booze, and gambling to care.

No one knew how bad or lonely it was either. No one. I didn’t want to be alive some days.

There was a lot of darkness in those times. I needed to change and didn’t know where to start. So, I just started somewhere.

I lost 100 lbs. (struggled for years to keep it off). I got a steady job in finance (ironic, right?). I made a budget and paid my debts.

I kicked many of my worst habits. I earned my MBA with high honors. I became a financial advisor. I found fitness. I became a CrossFit coach.

Fast forward to December 2021. I had recently quit my job because: “You are best positioned to serve the person you once were.” -Rory Vaden.

All of who I am, all of it, required constant work on myself. Mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I failed at a lot of things, but I kept trying. I believe that is everyone’s path to who they want to be.

That’s why WISP exists today. To serve any one of you that this resonates with.

Life can be hard. And your lifeSTYLE makes all the difference.

When you’re ready for change, I’m ready for you. You know some of my story. Let me learn yours.



-Pn level 1 nutrition certified coach





Devoted to simplifying and enriching people’s self-care skillset by developing healthier habits and fine-tuning your self-regulation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.


Refining your lifestyle can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. At WISP, your coach learns about you, meets you where you are, and collaborates with you to map the journey forward with your authenticity in mind. Nutrition, personal training, and lifestyle coaching services tailored to you. Free 30-minute consultation to discuss your wants, needs, and goals. Develop a framework to create new, desirable habits and eliminate the ones that no longer serve you.




Lose weight, build strength, and get the accountability you need.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve felt the peace of mind that comes with good health, the confidence to do what you truly want, or energy throughout your entire day.

If you’re ready to have the body you deserve and get control of your health and fitness once and for all, we’re ready to help you.

No restrictive dieting. No all-or-nothing workouts. Just a science-proven program that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle—and the support you need, every step of the way.

We’ve dedicated our professional lives to helping people transform their bodies through nutrition and fitness.

This is your limited opportunity to look, feel, and perform better than you ever thought possible—and build the habits you need to stay that way for life.

We’re ready to help you experience everything a healthy lifestyle has to offer.

The next step is up to you.



Cathy D.

“I have been working with Chis for 10 weeks so far and he has taught me so much in the short time we have been working together. I have learned more about my eating habits and ways to refocus my attention back to my goals. I have learned how to talk to myself in a way that is productive. I am a work in progress, without Chris I wouldn’t have come as far as I have and I plan on getting all the way to the end of this weight loss journey with his help. Chris is very knowledgeable and shares his journey which I find extremely helpful and not alone. Chris is kind and not judgmental. I highly recommend give wisp a try, I have tried almost every plan out there and but there is something different when you get the one on one help.”

Elsie P.

“Chris has been such an inspiration and an amazing coach. The books and programs he suggests and/or offers are spot on and very helpful. I am always on the lookout and gladly enroll in any courses or classes offered by this fine man. He has changed my outlook on exercising and living with the illness/anxieties that I have and has shown me that the sky’s the limit no matter! Bottom line, if Chris Novoa is offering a course, sign up for it.”


“My personal goal was to lose some winter weight I had gained. Chris immediately responded to my inquiry and listened to my goals and was able to provide me with different ways/choices to reach my goal. He provided a lot of useful information during my journey and promptly answered any questions that came up. He provided face to face meetings as well as zoom, email and texts. Very supportive and encouraging!”


“Chris did such a fantastic job leading this challenge. He is super knowledge and has hands on experience in the information he is sharing and relaying. He dives into the details and explain why he’s teaching what he is and why it works, not just tells you what to do with the expectation of following with blind faith. He truly has done the research and put LOADS of work into this program! I can’t recommend him enough!”