Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Self-Guided Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching


This package is best for those who have previous experience with nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  Your check-ins are primarily accountability focused.  I’m still dedicated to helping you stay on track, but you’re electing a process with a higher degree of self-sufficiency.


    • $79 – 1 Month Plan*
    • $209 – 3 Month Plan
    • $399 – 6 Month Plan


    • Three email check-ins per month.
    • One live check-in meeting per month.**

General Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching


This package is appropriate for the majority of clients, especially those that are new to lifestyle and nutrition coaching.  Check-ins are more detailed, time-intensive, and focused on enacting appropriate lifestyle changes.


    • $129 – 1 Month Plan*
    • $349 – 3 Month Plan
    • $649 – 6 Month Plan


    • One live check-in meeting per week.**

Performance Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching


This package is best for those with specific sports performance goals AND previous experience with nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  Whether you are a marathon runner, weightlifter, or competitive CrossFitter, this option helps you calibrate your habits and nutrition to your very specific desired outcomes.


    • $179 – 1 Month Plan*
    • $489 – 3 Month Plan
    • $899 – 6 Month Plan


    • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching adapted to your sport-specific needs.
    • One live check-in meeting per week.**

Personal Training

General At-Home Workouts


Offered via Precision Nutrition’s coaching app, this is the most basic movement program offered by WISP.

All workouts have options to customize to your needs. Short on time? There’s a solution for that. Don’t have the suggested equipment? Choose a modification.

Minimal equipment (dumbbells and resistance bands) are needed for a handful of these workouts.


  • $14.99/month*

Personalized At-Home Programming


Do you have a collection of fitness equipment at home that you want to put to work, but never quite know what to do with it all? WISP can help with that!

With these personalized packages, you provide the list of equipment you have and we do the rest. To ensure the programming is appropriately tailored to you and you get the most out of it, we’ll set up a 30-minute intro call to discuss your goals and desired outcomes.

These packages require a minimum commitment of 2-months.


  • 10 workouts per month ($79/ month)*


  • 15 workouts per month ($99/ month)


  • 20 workouts per month ($109/ month)

In-person Training Sessions


The most personalized experience offered by WISP. Every in-person session is conducted with a full complement of equipment available, a fully present and knowledgeable coach, and in-depth guidance through the workout.

Sessions can be for general fitness or tailored to your sport-specific needs.

All in-person sessions are held at the WISP office location.


  • 1/2 hour session
    One-on-one: $39


  • 1 hour session
    One-on-one: $65

All packages offer:

  • A user friendly online platform and app

    • Start by completing a brief questionnaire to inform me about you, your goals, health challenges, and you’r routine. With that information, I build a plan customized to your current experience and ability levels. As you evolve, so will the plan.

  • Simple, but powerful practices to improve your life

    • We’ll work to cultivate healthy habits across all aspects of your life aside from nutrition. Sleep, stress management, movement, and mindfulness to name a few. Creating strong habits in these areas will make you feel calm, confident, and ready for all of life’s hurdles.

  • Regular accountability

    • Through the platform I offer, you will report daily on a nutrition and/or lifestyle practice. Each one is customized to help you get the results you’re looking for. You can opt to receive daily reminders for your selected practice(s) though the app, via e-mail, or both.

  • Personal coaching and detailed progress checks

    • I’ll schedule regular check-in meetings with you to see how you’re doing and answer any questions you have (frequency depends on package). You can message me whenever you need outside of these meetings as well. The platform allows you to record and track your weight, measurements, pictures, and consistency so you can see your progress unfold over time.

*First time clients: minimum two-month commitment if paying monthly. The first month must be paid in full with a monthly auto-draft established on a credit/debit card. Cancel any time after the first two months of service.

**All live check-in meetings are approximately 30 minutes and done in-person, over the phone or virtually – choose the option to best fit your schedule.

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